The web application is an active web page on the client side, which is presented in a browser, providing the virtual motion perception.
The page shows, in full screen, the panoramic view of the current viewport (POV) Google Maps Street View that matches the direction of movement.
Bicycle pedal, through the trainer roller and the controller generates a speed value that is used by the web client to determine the next panorama.
The upgrade speed is proportional to the speed.
Each time you get a new geographic coordinate of the path, the web client calculates the gradient and the point of view in relation to the previous coordinate.
At crossroads, the handlebar angle value is used to select the next coordinate and then the new direction.

web application


Returns the Focus for Makers award winner Gooble Bike.
In addition to riding on  Street View pre-defined paths simulating slopes, this new version allows you to ride anywhere on Street View choosing in real-time the crossroads by rotating the handlebar.
Also next to the usual 2D vision the new Gooble Bike allows 360° 3D viewing with a VR viewer.

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Gooble Bike 2.0VR is candidate to
Call for School
at Maker Faire Rome
Maker Faire Europe Rome