Server side software is based on standard Internet services such as a web server with PHP extension listening on port 80 of "localhost" and a mysql database server listening on port 3306 of "localhost".
The web server offers the web page and the javacript scripts for client side elaboration.
It also offers a server side script that is queried by AJAX client and store inclination info into the database.
The database server manages a single table single record database containing the inclination info.
The communication of the inclination to the microcontroller is performed by a PHP-CLI script that implements an UDP peer.
This script is launched at the startup of the computer and reads periodically the inclination info from the database and sends the info to Arduino ethernet interface on the UDP port 40000.



A bike fit on a home trainer and equipped with a display showing a Street View which proceeds according to the pedalling pace. While riding, the incline is calculated and the brake torque is activated to simulate the slope.
The microcontroller is based on Arduino hardware.

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