computer holder schemeComputer holder is a support that ties the computer to the handlebar.

It is designed for small "All-in-one computer" type.

The computer holder is cutted from a 10 mm sheet of polycarbonate (Lexan) or polymethacrylate (Plexiglass).

Two main sheets are connected by means of four polycarbonate spacer sheet mantained by steel pins.












 Parts are thigtened by four  6 mm through screws.



All-in-one computer is connected to the holder in "wall mount mode" obtained removing the tilting stand and reusing the four screws of tilting stand.




The holder is a tilting system arranged around the hub of the handlebar.






A bike fit on a home trainer and equipped with a display showing a Street View which proceeds according to the pedalling pace. While riding, the incline is calculated and the brake torque is activated to simulate the slope.
The microcontroller is based on Arduino hardware.

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