Gooble Bike Team is a mixed team: third class students and fifth class students (aged 17- 19) attending a specializing course in Computer Science /ICT at IIS Belluzzi-Fioravanti and their ICT teachers.
The project has been developed as an extra curricular activity.
Students have used skills developed in their dailly curricular school work, carrying out tasks, sharing, interacting and developing parts of the project on an individual basis or in groups.

Duilio PeroniDuilio Peroni Teacher of ICT at Belluzzi Fioravanti Technical school in Bologna since 1985. I have started to use Arduino based activities in my classes in the last few years. My educational process is inspired by the "maker movement". Since the first class my students are used to doing preparatory activities which will become more and more. complex with the gradual growth of the students' skills .The final aim is to create prototypes of automation systems focusing on "Internet of Things". In this project I developed the "main idea", I played the role of coordinator of the whole project and I supported student's workflow mainly in microcontroller programming.


Fabio Sabattini



Fabio Sabattini Student of Computer Science at Belluzzi Fioravanti Technical School.





Giacomo FantazziniGiacomo Fantazzini Student of Computer Science at Belluzzi Fioravanti Technical School.
In my free time I like reading comics and books, hanging out with friends, playing video-games and listening to music.
In this project I collaborated to the development of the Arduino firmware, mainly on the interaction with the electromagnetic brake and to the configuration of the web server.



Giovanni Ragno

Giovanni Ragno Teacher of ICT at Belluzzi Fioravanti Technical School since 1987. My interests span more on development of server-side software, but I let myself intrigued by the other application areas of computer science. This particular project also combines my passion for cycling.





Manuel Righi

Manuel Righi I'm Manuel, a student of Computer Science at Belluzzi Fioravanti Technical school.
I like tecnology and I love riding my bike in my free time, i also use it to go school. My technical role in this project is to help in the coding of Arduino; I'm also the official rider.



Martina Pedrelli

Martina Pedrelli Student of Computer Science at Belluzzi Fioravanti Technical School. I love computer science and in my free time I read a lot. I decided to join this project because I want to learn how to use new technologies.





Matteo Colombo

Matteo Colombo Student of Computer Science at Belluzzi Fioravanti Technical School. In my free time i like playing videogames and playing with my dog. In this project i collaborated to the development of the client side website.





Riccardo Maffei

Riccardo Maffei Student of Computer Science at Belluzzi Fioravanti School in Bologna since 2010, next September I will attend the 4th class ( 11 grade). I've always loved computers and technology so I've decided to attend this school and this year I've started studying and using Arduino environment. In this project I've developed some UI features and I've helped other students developing some software, including programming microcontroller firmware and web client software, and developing, building and assembling the hardware.


Patrizia Casanova

Patrizia Casanova Graduated in Foreign Languages and Literature in Bologna. English teacher in the specializing course of Computer Science/ICT of the Technical School Odone Belluzzi since 1997 and in experimental Amplio classes since 2008. Since 2007 teacher in charge of Educational Innovation, together with the Maths colleague Paola Valzania, as well as teachers' trainer and tutor on the use of the e-learning platform Amplio and Interactive Whiteboards. Coordinator and tutor for European Comenius projects (school and language projects and students' exchanges) in English and based on the use of ICT: web sites, multimedia products, electronic games. Coordinator of students' competitions on relevant issues promoted by local, national and European organizations .In school year 2012-2013 we won the fist prize in a school competition promoted by a local organization, with a video presenting our school. In school year 2010-2011, with the computer science collegue ing. Duilio Peroni and our class, we won the first prize in the national competition "Innovascuola" for innovative and multimedia educational tools, creating a multimedia computer game on European contemporary history in English.


Samuele Pederzini


Samuele Pederzini Student of Computer Science at Belluzzi Fioravanti Technical School. I like technology,computers and open source.
In this project I have developed the web client.





Samule RescaSamuele Resca Student of Computer Science at Belluzzi Fioravanti Technical School. I have been keen on computers and electronics since I was a child. I am always looking for new programming languages to learn. In the last few yeas I have started to get interested in the Arduino microcontroller. In collaboration with Riccardo Maffei I've developed web-client used for the "Gooble" project.





Our School

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IIS Belluzzi-Fioravanti IIS Belluzzi-Fioravanti is situated on the outskirt of Bologna. Bologna is in the north of Italy and has a population of about 400.000 people. Our school was built in the 70s, it consists of a main building (with headmaster room, library, staff offices, language lab, audiovisual aids lab, classrooms), two blocks with Science, Chemistry, Physics and Technology labs and a block with sports halls, cafeteria, conference hall and a well equipped computer lab.
The school is mainly for boys (there are about 900 boys and 100 girls), they are aged from 14 to 19. In the first two years (from 14 to 16) students study basic education subjects such as: Italian, History, a foreign language, Geography, Science, Biology, Physics, Maths, Economy and Law, Chemistry, Technology, ICT, Physical education. In the third, forth and fifth class, besides the core subjects (Italian literature, History, English and Maths) they study the vocational/technical subjects connected with the specialising course they have chosen according to their interests and they will be able to develop specific skills in


Beside curricular studies, students can take part into different activities such as: business simulation, theatre workshops, environmental education courses, health education courses, European projects and school exchanges, summer trainings in local businesses or organizations.

At the end of the fifth year, at the age of 19, they take a final examination called "Esame di Stato" and they get a certificate (diploma) which gives them the possibility to enrol to university or work as experts in their specific sector.


Returns the Focus for Makers award winner Gooble Bike.
In addition to riding on  Street View pre-defined paths simulating slopes, this new version allows you to ride anywhere on Street View choosing in real-time the crossroads by rotating the handlebar.
Also next to the usual 2D vision the new Gooble Bike allows 360° 3D viewing with a VR viewer.

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