computer holder schemeComputer holder is a support that ties the computer to the handlebar.

It is designed for small "All-in-one computer" type.

The computer holder is cutted from a 10 mm sheet of polycarbonate (Lexan) or polymethacrylate (Plexiglass).

Two main sheets are connected by means of four polycarbonate spacer sheet mantained by steel pins.












 Parts are thigtened by four  6 mm through screws.



All-in-one computer is connected to the holder in "wall mount mode" obtained removing the tilting stand and reusing the four screws of tilting stand.




The holder is a tilting system arranged around the hub of the handlebar.






Returns the Focus for Makers award winner Gooble Bike.
In addition to riding on  Street View pre-defined paths simulating slopes, this new version allows you to ride anywhere on Street View choosing in real-time the crossroads by rotating the handlebar.
Also next to the usual 2D vision the new Gooble Bike allows 360° 3D viewing with a VR viewer.

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Gooble Bike 2.0VR is candidate to
Call for School
at Maker Faire Rome
Maker Faire Europe Rome