This project was developed as part of the project "Fare Impresa a scuola 2012-2013"

promoted by "Fondazione Aldini-Valeriani"

fondazione aldini-valeriani


with the support of "Fondazione del Monte"

fondazione del monte


and the partnership of "G.D" a company of "Coesia Group"

gd coesia


Thanks to the company Elite for documentation and technical support provided for interfacing with the home trainer



Returns the Focus for Makers award winner Gooble Bike.
In addition to riding on  Street View pre-defined paths simulating slopes, this new version allows you to ride anywhere on Street View choosing in real-time the crossroads by rotating the handlebar.
Also next to the usual 2D vision the new Gooble Bike allows 360° 3D viewing with a VR viewer.

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Gooble Bike 2.0VR is candidate to
Call for School
at Maker Faire Rome
Maker Faire Europe Rome