The Gooble Bike 2.0VR project was developed by a mixed team composed of students of fourth and fifth class of IIS Belluzzi-Fioravanti of Bologna, teachers, ex-students and former teachers of the same institute.

The student team, subdivided into subgroups dedicated to the mainstreams of development (controller, communications web application, VR application and web server) based on inclinations and skills, was coordinated by the Institute's teachers within an extracurricolar path.

The development was carried out both with presence in the Computer Laboratory and on-line activities by sharing information on the e-learning platform of the institute.The workout, entirely made with Open Source license, is shared on the GitHub platform.

the gooble bike crew

The "Gooble Bike Crew", a former group of ex-students and a former Institute teacher who contributed to the development of the first Gooble Bike at the Maker Faire in Rome, and the winner of the "Focus for Makers ", bringing their experience and collaboration.





Returns the Focus for Makers award winner Gooble Bike.
In addition to riding on  Street View pre-defined paths simulating slopes, this new version allows you to ride anywhere on Street View choosing in real-time the crossroads by rotating the handlebar.
Also next to the usual 2D vision the new Gooble Bike allows 360° 3D viewing with a VR viewer.

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Gooble Bike 2.0VR is candidate to
Call for School
at Maker Faire Rome
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